Passion for Quality
Since 2012

Adamas Group is a preferred choice in Tanzania for high-end quality construction, interior design, renovation and furniture production projects. We adapt world-class standards to deliver uniform and superior outcome for all our unique projects.

Our Progressive Growth

Since our inception in 2012, our ambitious goals have materialized into impressive solutions that have driven us towards undeniable growth. Our innovative high-technology and focus on quality is drawn and inspired from the Turkish construction sector.

Till date, we have successfully completed more than 40 projects, converting raw spaces into modern architecture, sleek interiors and remarkable business ventures.

The Adamas Group has offered impeccable construction and design solutions for mega projects in Tanzania.

  • Restaurants

  • Corporates

  • Residential Complex

  • Shopping Malls

  • Hotels

  • International NGO´s

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • High-Rise Buildings

The Team

Our team of experienced engineers and architects work with local experts to accomplish and deliver what we promise. Our young, dynamic and innovative local and international team come from a diverse background, specializing in the field of management, engineering, design, architecture, furniture production and other niche expertise that add value and high-standards to our portfolio. Additionally, our team is made of qualified personnel that bring collective education and experienced profile value across various countries to benefit the Adamas Group clientele.

Practical and Value for Money

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Have an awesome idea but have limited space and budget constraints? We are aware that most companies want to make optimal use of they currently have and at an affordable price value. Our innovative technique allows us to convert a small area into a modern, practicable and productive workspace without compromising on the finishing and detailing of every project; big or small. This is our expertise.

Our exceptional standards are aligned to our customer needs. We are

  • Focused on quality

  • Creative

  • Accommodative to various budgets

  • Integrate uniqueness to each project

  • Adaptive to you work style